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Houston Pump & Gear specializes in purchasing large quantities of scrap metals and alloys.  We will pay your company top dollar for the purchase of large stocks of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys such as :

Chromium Platinum
Titanium Nickel
Tin Cobolt
Copper Tungsten
Molybdenum Tantalum
Zirconium Rhenium
Silver Gold
Niobium Carbides
Astro Alloy Stainless Steel

      ...and many other precious metals and alloys.  

We are a special plant demolition contractor that has been in the demolition business for over 28 years. We are a financially sound company committed to continuous improvement and innovation and seek alternatives that reduce our client's cost and improve customer satisfaction.

Houston Pump & Gear has a dedicated Processing & Tradings purchasing department that will assist you in all your scrap metal and alloy needs. We will supply the necessary equipment, from ½-yard hoppers to 100 cubic yard roll-off containers, to our sophisticated scrap metal and alloy handling systems. Our team of marketing experts and process engineers can review your internal scrap metal and alloy handling systems, scrap metal and alloy segregation programs, resale values and transportation issues. We offer a wide range of financial and managerial programs to assist in implementing scrap metal and alloy management programs that provide in-plant scrap handling, processing, transportation and final sale.

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Please contact us with any questions about Marley Gearboxes or any other of our many repair and upgrade capabilities..

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