If you are looking for a solution to increase the speed of your industrial equipment, a speed increaser gearbox might be the addition you need. However, it’s important to note, there are a few different speed increaser types and brands. To choose the right one, you need to know the exact speed increaser dimensions and specifications (gear ratio, input speed, and input power) that will best serve your specific needs. 

In this article, we’ll go through the speed increaser basics, including the main types, some of the top speed increaser gearbox manufacturers, and how speed increasers differ from speed reducers. 

Let’s get started! 

What is a Speed Increaser Gearbox?

Speed increaser gearboxes are used to increase the speed of engines, shafts, spindles, and other machines.  

Speed increasers are usually light and compact with an epicyclical design, and they’re installed directly on the main shaft of the machine. 

Speed Increaser Gearbox Types

Two of the main speed increaser gearbox types include: 

  • Hollow shaft gearbox speed increaser: This small speed increaser gearbox can directly accelerate the speed of your machinery. You simply need to connect the increaser’s hollow shaft to the unit’s shaft with a mounting set. This speed increaser is easy to attach since there’s no need for any intermediate installation aids. 
  • Right angle gearbox speed increaser: With this speed increaser gearbox, the output shaft meets the driveshaft at a 90-degree angle. You can use this high-speed increaser gearbox as a two-sided hollow shaft, increasing your equipment’s flexibility and speed significantly. 

Speed Increaser vs. Speed Reducer

While speed increasers are used for speed acceleration, speed reducers can reduce the speed and increase the torque of your machines. In the speed increaser gearbox, the gear drives the pinion, while in reducers, the pinion drives the gear.  

Note: Some speed reducer gearboxes including helical, planetary, spur, and parallel shaft gears can also be used as speed increasers. 

5 Top Speed Increaser Gearbox Manufacturers

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top speed increaser manufacturers: 

Horsburgh and Scott

Founded over 130 years ago, Horsburgh and Scott is one of the leading gearbox manufacturers. Today, they produce various custom industrial gearboxes, used across a wide range of industries, including mining, steel, food processing, and pollution control. 

Their speed increaser gearboxes come in various sizes, and you can always order a custom-made gearbox according to your dimensions and application spec needs. 


The Lufkin company was founded in 1902 near Houston, Texas. Today, it has manufacturing plants around the world and produces gears for various industries including: cement, steel, rubber, aluminum, and sugar. Lufkin offers parallel and right-angle gearbox speed increasers. 








In the first half of the 20th century, Cotta was a key supplier of transmission gearboxes for the automotive industry. But in the 1940s, they switched their focus to the production of industrial high-speed transmissions for the aerospace, mining, and defense industries primarily. 

Cotta produces standard and custom-made speed increaser gearboxes with up to 3,000 RPM input speed and 4,500 RPM output speed. 

Superior Gearbox Company

This Missouri-based manufacturer produces various gear drives, including bevel, right angle, worm, and spindle gears. The company also offers custom-made gears to meet even the most unique needs of their customers. Their gearboxes are used in the lumber, food, plastic, and textile industries, among many more. 

They offer low-speed worm gears as well as multi-speed increasers with varying RPM (100, 400, and 1,200 RPM speed.) 


RjLink was founded in 1993 in Rockford, Illinois. Their expert engineer team manufactures speed increasers as well as reducers, transfer cases, and planetary gearboxes. Their units are used across various industries including the oil, rail, military, marine, and construction industries.  

The company specializes in custom-made speed increasers with high RPM. Most of their speed increasers feature customer-specific components, tapered roller bearings, and helical gears.  

Maintain Your Speed Increaser Gearbox Regularly

Once you have selected and installed your speed increaser (whether it’s a big, high speed increaser gearbox or a more energy-efficient small speed increaser gearbox) remember to run regular maintenance checks and service it when needed to extend its lifespan. At Houston Pump and Gear, we offer reliable speed increaser repair and emergency speed increaser services. If you want to service your speed increaser in Houston or get an expert opinion and diagnostics, just give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all your questions!