Amarillo Gear Experts: Gearbox Repair and Overhaul Services

For over 20 years, we have specialized in repairing Amarillo Gear gearboxes. Did your Amarillo Gearbox fail? Our knowledgeable gearbox inspection experts can get it up and running in no time. We provide a custom approach to every problem, which includes a free quote.

Houston Pump and Gear industrial gearbox repair services include:

Failure analysis and detailed inspection report
Help with gearbox delivery and related logistics if required
24-hour emergency gearbox repair
HVOF Metal Spraying for added protection, if required
Affordable prices
Extended warranty
All-in-one gearbox repair and maintenance services

Amarillo Gear Repair Workflows Fueled by Efficiency

At Houston Pump and Gear, we have established a rigorous 7-step process for Amarillo Gear service. We provide the know-how needed to fix any gear reducer, including Falk, Flender, and Lightnin. Here’s a sneak peek at what we can do to help you out:

Contact us to discuss the scope of your Amarillo gearbox repair
Request a pickup or deliver it to our industrial gearbox repair facility
We will conduct the initial gearbox inspection and analyze the broken components, providing you with an approximate Amarillo Gear price list.
Once you approve the initial estimates, our mechanics will disassemble your Amarillo device to measure all the damages and provide a detailed estimate.
We order, replace, manufacture or or repair the damaged parts, bringing the gearbox to. OEM specifications. To ensure quality of any repaired components we will execute an x-ray and magnaflux to detect any cracks not available to the naked eye.
Once repairs are complete and the gearbox is re-assembled we will test the unit to check bearing and housing temperatures and vibration.

Once testing is complete and the unit has passed the quality control we prepare the unit for shipment. The unit is then available for pick up or delivery back to your location.

We Can Fix Any Model or Amarillo Gear Reducer

We provide Amarillo Gear service for any Amarillo Gear model. Whether your gear shaft is showing signs of wear or tolerance loss or your gear teeth have worn out – we can seamlessly reverse engineer and manufacture the componenents required to execute any industrial gearbox repair that you need.

Being a one-stop shop for all kinds of industrial gearbox and pump repairs sets Houston Pump and Gear apart from the competition and enables us to provide unbeatable rates and quality of service for our clients.

When it comes to Amarillo, our expertise is not limited to any particular gearbox. Here’s just a glimpse of some of the Amarillo gearboxes that we can fix for you:

Amarillo 1311 Cooling Tower Gearbox

Amarillo Gearbox Experts
Amarillo 1008 Cooling Tower Fan Drives
Amarillo Gear Experts

Amarillo Gear Right Angle Pump Drive

Don’t see your Amarillo Gear unit above?
Don’t worry – Houston Pump and Gear covers the whole spectrum of industrial gearbox and pump repairs.

Have an Amarillo Emergency? Call Houston to Fix it With Urgency!

Whether you’d like to conduct a simple gearbox inspection, complete predictive maintenance, or conduct a complete gearbox or pump overhaul – Houston Pump and Gear has you covered. We work with over 20 different industrial manufacturers all over the USA, offering a one-stop shop for all gearbox repair and maintenance needs.

Houston Pump and Gear will provide you with the expertise needed to get your production line up and running in no time. All you have to do is give us a call.

Not a fan of phone calls?

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Amarillo Gear Experts: Gearbox Repair and Overhaul Services