Lufkin Gearbox Repair and Industrial Pump Maintenance

Do you have a Lufkin Gearbox or industrial pump in need of repair? With more than 20 years in business, we are industry experts specializing in gearbox repair and maintenance. We’ll get you a free estimate in no time . Reach out to us today!

Trust Houston Pump and Gear for Reliable Gearbox Repairs

At Houston Pump and Gear, we offer reliable Lufkin Gearbox repair and gearbox replacement services.

We’re proud to be one of the most trusted gearbox repair specialists in the United States. No job is too big or small — contact us for everything gearbox related from Lufkin gear reducer maintenance and servicing jobs to Lufkin mechanical seal repair and gearbox overhaul.

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Our services also include 24-hour emergency repair services. We are on call all days of the week, at any hour. 

Other services include:

Lufkin Industries: Experts in Engineering and Manufacturing

The Lufkin brand was founded more than 100 years ago in 1902 in the town of Lufkin near Houston, Texas. Years later, the company ventured into the oil industry and built the first enclosed geared Lufkin pumping unit. Since then, the company has expanded with facilities and manufacturing plants all over the world. The Lufkin Power Transmission Division specializes in manufacturing gears for a number of markets including power generation, oil and gas, marine propulsion; and industries such as sugar, cement, rubber, plastics, steel, and aluminum.

The Lufkin engineering process is known for its reliability and precision. It’s that same exemplification of dedication towards reliability that motivates us to provide the best possible Lufkin gearbox-related services.

How We’ll Repair Your Lufkin Gearbox

With more than 20 years of experience in the industrial gearbox repair and maintenance industry, our customer service sets up apart from the competition. We have an 8-step gearbox repair process for Lufkin gearboxes:

Submit an enquiry form or give us a call to discuss the repairs needed
Schedule the delivery logistics of your gearbox in need of repair or deliver it to the Houston Pump and Gear repair facilities.
When a gearbox reaches our gearbox repair facilities in TX, we’ll start by thoroughly cleaning the Lufkin gearbox parts.
Our expert team will disassemble the gearbox before inspecting all the parts.

Once we’ve identified the cause of failure, we’ll provide you with an estimate for repairs.

The Houston Pump and Gear mechanics will disassemble the gearbox and compare the parts to industry standards to determine the appropriate repair process for each (where possible). If the gearbox requires it, we’ll run an x-ray and magnaflux on the gears and shafts to determine if they are a candidate for re-use. What cannot be repaired will be replaced with new parts.
We’ll order, replace, manufacture and/or repair the required parts.
Once repaired, we’ll arrange delivery or reach out to you for collection.

Reach Out for Quality Industrial Gearbox Repairs

We aim to ensure that your Lufkin gearbox repairs are as stress-free and efficient as possible. Our team can assist you with logistics to transport the parts to our facilities. We’ll then assess the gearbox and explain the reason for failure. If needed, we’ll reverse-engineer the relevant parts and assemble the unit before sending it back to you.

We believe communication is of critical importance which is why we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process. You’ll never be left in the dark and will have full transparency during the entire process and the costs involved.

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Lufkin Gearbox Repair and Industrial Pump Maintenance