Horsburgh and Scott Industrial Gearbox Repair Services

Is your Horsburgh and Scott gearbox inoperable or requiring maintenance? Contact our team of industrial gearbox repair professionals today for a free quote!
Horsburgh and Scott are renowned for manufacturing reliable industrial gearboxes. But even the best machinery tends to break down and require maintenance. Trust your Horsburgh and Scott unit repair to our team of dedicated gearbox repair experts. With over 20 years of experience, we have the depth of knowledge required to get your unit up and running in no time. We also provide large gear maintenance and overhaul, as well as operate a gearbox exchange services program. Curious to learn how Houston Pump and Gear can save you money on Horsburgh and Scott gearbox repair? Talk to one of our technicians today for a free estimate.

What Makes Horsburgh and Scott Gearboxes so Renowned?

Horsburgh and Scott have been building industrial machinery for the past 130 years, making them one of the most recognizable and trusted companies on the market. What started as a small machine shop opened by two Scottish friends in Cleveland is now one of the biggest industrial powerhouses in America.

Since 1903, the company has focused on producing all types of industrial gearbox components. Horsburgh and Scott’s gearboxes are made with the highest quality materials and are known for their durability. Best of all, the company has over a hundred years of expertise in creating superb industrial products, serving over 11 different industries in 3 geographic regions.

Whether you are looking for custom gearbox solutions for mining, steel working, drilling, or sustainable energy –Horsburgh & Scott has it all!

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The One-Stop-Shop for All Horsburgh and Scott Gearbox Repairs

Houston Pump and Gear is an innovative industrial gearbox repair shop serving hundreds of clients across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. We work with dozens of different industrial gearbox brands, including Falk, Western Gear, and Lightnin. Our experts provide timely repairs of the highest quality, backed by an extensive warranty on all repairs.

Our gearbox engineers are certified by Horsburgh and Scott. We can provide unit pickup and even 24-hour emergency gearbox repair services. Whether you come to us for preventive maintenance, complete gearbox overhaul, or gear cutting services – our experts will provide you with tailored advice and a custom estimate.

Horsburgh and Scott Gearbox Repair Workflow

At Houston Pump and Gear, we have provided pump repair services and industrial gearbox repairs for over 20 years. We provide turnkey gearbox repair solutions and our established workflows save our clients both money and time. We take pride in the swiftness in which we report our findings, the accuracy of our detailed estimates, and our ability explain the gearbox issues in simple terms.

Curious to learn more about 8-step Horsburgh and Scott gearbox repair process? Here is a breakdown of our workflow:

Organize a call with one of our experts to discuss the scope of repairs
Schedule the pickup of your gearbox or personally deliver the unit to our facility.
Our experts will disassemble and inspect your Horsburgh & Scott gearbox.
We will analyze the broken components and provide you with an approximate estimate.
Our mechanics will disassemble the gearbox and measure all components against industry standards to provide a clear picture of all the repairs required.
We order, replace, manufacture or repair the damaged parts, bringing the gearbox back to operating condition.
If needed – we can apply protective paint to your unit or execute an x-ray and magnaflux on the gears and shafts.
Your repaired unit will be delivered back to your address or become available for pickup.

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What you can expect from working with Houston Pump and Gear:

A thorough failure analysis and inspection report
Logistic assistance (if needed)
Experienced and certified technicians
24-hour service
Affordable prices
Repairs built to last

Call Houston Pump and Gear the Next Time You Have a Gearbox Problem!

If you don’t know what might be causing the issue with your Horsburgh and Scott gearbox – give us a call. We can assist you with simple things like gearbox cleaning and maintenance as well as more complicated jobs, like a complete gearbox overhaul.

Just call (832) 603-9663, and one of our industrial repair experts will discuss your specific issue and provide a free estimate for the project.

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Horsburgh and Scott Industrial Gearbox Repair Services