Marley Geareducer Replacement Services You Can Count On

Have you experienced an issue with your Marley Geareducer? Minimize downtime and get back on the right track today. Contact one of our professionals for a free Marley gearbox repair service quote.

At Houston Pump and Gear, we pride ourselves in providing some of the fastest turnaround times available for Marley geareducer repairs. Whether you have an emergency or are looking to compare quotes, we’re here to help.

Working with Houston Pump and Gear

We’re experts in gearbox design, repair, and overhaul with clients as far as Mexico and Canada sending their gearboxes to our repair shop.

No matter how unique your gearbox issue or repair request is, our technicians have seen it all and will guide you through the process while keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Replacement Exchange Program

As a trusted resource for Marley Cooling Tower Fan Drive repair for more than 20 years, we understand the crucial and time-sensitive nature of cooling tower maintenance and repair.

We maintain a large inventory and offer an emergency service drop-in replacement exchange program for both single and double reduction geareducer units

How our program works:


Prior to removing your right-angle fan drive from your cooling tower, we will send you a reconditioned replacement unit for installation. This helps to eliminate downtime and additional crane fees.


A trade-in credit for the inoperable gearbox will be issued towards the cost of the replacement unit (credit amount is based on the trade in condition of the unit).


All reconditioned units carry a 12-month operational warranty.


Credit allowed for each gear reducer in its series will be based on the gear reducer’s condition.

Emergency Repair Servies

We know that your cooling tower is the heart of your plant. Our unparalleled turnaround time combined with high-quality repair services will get your production back on track at a fraction of the time of our competitors.

Contact us at (832) 603-9663 during any time of the day or night. Our team of technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Makes The Marley Geareducer Unique?

The Marley Geareducer is specifically built for cooling towers and is used to improve fan performance by reducing the driver’s speed. The driver, in most cases an electric motor, provides support and anchors the fan in these towers whilst while requiring minimal power from the motor.

Marley is the only major manufacturer that produces geareducers solely for cooling towers in HVAC, power plants, and industrial applications, making them a true specialist in the field.

Contact us at (832) 603-9663 to discuss your Marley Geareducer issue with one of our technicians now.

Replacing a gearbox in a non-Marley cooling tower

Marley produces an M Series geareducer designed specifically to replace the gearboxes in non-Marley cooling towers containing Amarillo gear drives. This state-of-the-art geareducer removes the need to replace or add other cooling tower parts like the fan hub, drive shaft, and adaptor plate. Customers save costs by only replacing the gearbox that fits the Amarillo gearbox footprint like a glove. With more than 75 years in the business, Marley has experience with more than 100,000 installed units. The brand’s commitment to high-quality development, production, and performance is unmatched. Watch the video below to see how the M Series is installed.

If you’re considering replacing an Amarillo gear drive with a used Marley geareducer, get in touch with our team today. We’ll ensure your Marley geareducer is operating up to industry-standard before you replace your gear drive.

Working with Houston Pump and Gear includes:

A thorough failure analysis and inspection report
Logistic assistance (if needed)
Experienced and certified technicians
24-hour service
Affordable prices
Repairs built to last

Trust in the Marley Gearbox repair experts!

Marley Geareducer’s are renowned for their long-lasting reliability. However, routine maintenance and repair is essential to avoid any major breakdowns and ensure your Marley Gearbox is performing at full capacity.

If you’re having an issue with your Marley Geareducer, get in touch with our team of experts!

Marley Geareducer Repair Services