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What to Expect from Our Pump Rebuilding Services

Buying a new pump outright can be expensive. Instead of spending unnecessary resources, rely on our professional pump repair services to restore your current pump’s performance, and save your company money.

What do pump rebuilding services look like?

It first begins with an inspection and diagnosis of the repairs needed to get more life out of your pump.

Based on this analysis, we then share a custom quote and discuss the timeframe in which we can complete the work.

Once approved, we execute the required repairs, leaving your pump as good as new!

Pump repair services are the affordable alternative to stocking your own spare pump parts. It saves you money without exposing you to a critical production delay. Our 24/7 Emergency Service is designed to get your production back on track as soon as possible. Rest assured, all repairs that leave our shop doors have undergone extensive quality assurance testing to guarantee that your investment lasts for years to come.

The Dedicated Houston Pump and Gear Approach

We are the premier source of industrial pump repair in Houston, Texas, and serve all 50 states, as well as Canada, and Mexico. Our repair facilities offer unparalleled turnaround time, extensive warranties, and competitive pricing. We can create a custom solution to help resolve any industrial pump issue, be it problems due to vibration, corrosion, erosion, or heat. Contact us to arrange your custom pump repair service! 

Your One-Stop-Shop for Industrial Pump Repair Near You

No matter what industry you are in, your equipment needs maintenance. The longer your pumps are out of commission, the more valuable production time and money is lost. We service all pump makes and models. Our industrial pump services include:

Pump Design, Repair,
and Overhaul

Pump Design, Repair, and Overhaul

Large Industrial Pump Repair Service

Centrifugal Pump Repair

Positive Displacement Pump  Repair

Terry Steam Turbines

Coppus Steam Turbines

Muti-stage Pumps

Boiler Feed Pumps

Our Houston Pump and Gear Services

Besides our pump repair services, we also can assist you with:

Need a repair that’s not listed here? Reach out and we can discuss a custom fix. Together, we can save your parts and keep your industrial applications running at their best.

Your Dependable Pump Repair Service Providers