Types of gearboxes

Having your industrial gearboxes in tip-top shape ensures higher productivity, which increases your customer satisfaction and overall profitability. But how can you increase efficiency? Comprehensive gearbox inspection and maintenance can get your equipment running faster and for longer. The first step to extending the lifetime of your gearbox unit is breaking it down to its most fundamental state to pinpoint components that need servicing. Want a look inside the process of industrial gearbox assembly and disassembly? Read on to find out more about the industrial gearbox assembly procedure.

The Process of Assembly and Disassembly of Industrial Gearboxes

Before we take a look under the hood of the assembly and disassembly of industrial gearboxes, it is important to note that working with a gearbox repair specialist is key to not only executing the process efficiently but also accurately and safely. There are many moving parts to a gearbox, so if you are working with Lightnin gearbox parts, for example, be sure to partner with a certified engineer who has experience with that specific brand. A properly assembled gearbox is key to smooth production and helps prevent serious issues for your company in the short and long term.  

Now onto the nitty-gritty. Disassembling and reassembling a gearbox is one of the first steps in the gearbox repair, maintenance, restoration, or reverse engineering process. First, the unit should be taken apart and cleaned to determine the manufacturing requirements as well as the reason for failure. So, before you or a professional touches the gearbox, it is important to find a clear area in your shop that has enough space to spread out the different parts and accessories that will be removed. To make sure that no component is lost in the process, do store all gearbox components properly as you remove them. 

Taking apart or disassembling a gearbox involves removing bearings, seals, gaskets, and any other essential unit accessories. Note that each unit and brand is different, so be sure to research the proper procedure for the specific gearbox you are working on before dismantling the unit. If you don’t want to do this step manually, it is common to disassemble a gearbox using a mechanical press or puller. You should research if the presser or puller is compatible with the type of gearbox you are working with, so as not to damage the unit.  

Once you have the shafts and gears spread out across your work area, it’s time to conduct a thorough inspection of the unit. An engineer will measure all of the components against their original design specifications. Keep in mind that damaged parts will not have the same dimensions as when first installed. The specialist can then take the calculations and execute any tests or evaluations required to provide you with a detailed inspection report. This helps determine what maintenance or servicing needs to be done to get the equipment back to OEM spec.  

Once the engineer has completed their inspection and all of the parts have been thoroughly cleaned, it is time to reassemble the unit, which essentially is the inverse of the disassembly process. It is important to follow the exact same, but opposite steps to ensure that the gearbox is put back together properly (again, having a trained professional on hand will help to avoid errors). Once the unit has been fully reassembled, the gearboxes should be tested with a full industrial load to ensure that there are no issues. Then, after the unit has passed the industrial load test, the electrical components of the gearbox can be safely reassembled. 

The Professionals Behind Reliable Industrial Gearbox Assembly 

Working with a reputable service provider with experience in industrial gearbox assembly procedures, is essential to minimizing production downtime and ensuring that no components are damaged. That’s where our team of licensed engineers comes in. Here at Houston Pump and Gear, we provide durable gearbox repair services in Texas and across North America. Call now to speak with a specialist about your gearbox needs and to discuss our extensive warranty.  

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