Falk produces some of the most reliable and durable gearbox units available. Since their inception in the 1800s, the company has established itself as one of the primary gearbox manufacturers in the transportation industry, being most recognizable for creating the gears for the Panama Canal gates.  

To help you evaluate which Falk gearboxes are the best choice for your needs, we’ll check out the various Falk gearbox models and their features, applications, and advantages.  

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Three Falk Concentric Inline Gearbox Types (Features & Uses) 

The concentric inline gearboxes deliver top performance in heavy-duty industries like mining, food, and forestry. They have high efficiency, high reduction rates, and low noise levels.  

Here are the main Falk concentric inline gearbox types and models: 

Falk UltraMax Drive 

The Falk UltraMax gearbox serves the same purpose as a parallel shaft gear, but it operates at much more efficient levels (you’ll achieve about 30% cost savings compared to a standard parallel shaft gearbox). This gearbox type is compact, durable, and versatile – a good option for high torque operations. 

Falk UltraMax comes in 12 different sizes with a reduction ratio ranging from 1.5:1 to 985:1 and maximum torque ranging from 2,440 to 601,000-inch pounds. 

Falk Ultramite Gear Drives 

The Falk Ultramite gearbox is designed to have a longer shelf life. Its main advantage is that the high-speed pinion is supported by bearings in the gearbox instead of motor bearings. This eliminates many of the common problems, such as dirt contamination and fretting, that occur with standard incline gearbox models.  

This gearbox type also allows quick and easy installation with mounting on top, wall, shaft, or flange. 

There are 13 Falk gearbox models of this type with a ratio range from 1.4:1 to 16,000:1 and max torque varying from 795 to 39,100-inch pounds. 

Ultramite Mixer Gear Drives 

This was the original first Falk mixer gearbox. Like the main Ultramite gearbox series, it is motor-independent and performs well in heavy-duty operations. This gear drive comes in 7 sizes, and you can configure the gearbox specifications (such as housing, reductions, and input type) based on your needs.  

4 Falk Parallel Gearbox Types (Features & Uses) 

The Falk parallel gearboxes have a flexible and compact design and low maintenance costs – ideal for running conveyor systems in the textile and mining industries.  

Here are 4 of the main Falk parallel gearbox types and their characteristics: 

Falk A+ Gear Drive 

The Falk A+ gear drives are designed to endure the toughest and most demanding day-to-day operations while providing maximum flexibility. 

This Falk gearbox series comes in 17 different sizes along with various cooling accessories. The reduction rates vary from 1.8:1 to 438:1. 

Falk V-Class Parallel Gear Drive 

The Falk V class gearbox is cost-effective, durable, and reliable. This parallel gearbox delivers maximum efficiency at high operating levels and comes in 31 different sizes with a single, double, or triple shaft. 

Falk Y Series Gearbox 

The Falk Y Series gearbox has an advanced and precise design that provides extra strength and endurance. The Y Series parallel gearbox operates at a high capacity which is suitable for most day-to-day operational goals. 

Falk Ultramite Parallel Shaft Drives 

These advanced Falk parallel shaft gearboxes are driven by a high-speed pinion and use standard NEMA C-face or IEC motors. Available in 8 different sizes, they range in: 

  • Reduction ratio: 3.15:1 to 1200:1 
  • Max torque: 2,036 to 132,000 pounds 
  • Capacity: 0.25 – 100 hp (0.19 – 75 kW) 

6 Falk Right Angle Gearbox Types (Features & Uses) 

The Falk right angle gearboxes have low noise and vibrational levels. They are extremely durable, and, if maintained properly, can operate beyond their shelf life. Here are 6 of the main Falk right angle gearbox types: 

Falk A+Plus Right-Angle Gear Drives 

The sturdy design of this right-angle gearbox model ensures the equipment delivers beyond expectation while minimizing wear and tear. This Falk gearbox type comes in 17 different sizes with reduction rates ranging from 1.8:1 to 438:1. 

Falk CT-Series Cooling Tower Gearbox 

This Falk right-angle gearbox model is engineered specifically to serve the needs of cooling tower systems and other vertical-driven applications. The bevels and gears are cut using advanced technology to minimize noise and vibration levels. All gearbox units are finished with high-quality marine-grade paint to ensure the equipment will last even in the harshest cooling system conditions.

Falk V Class Gearbox 

Like the Falk V class parallel shaft gear, this gearbox has a long shelf life, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes operating costs. The V class right angle gearbox comes in 31 different sizes with double and triple reduction options. 

Falk Omnibox 

Falk Omnibox is a worm gear drive with over 475,000 configurations – so whatever your needs, Omnibox will most likely have it! Omnibox comes in 14 main sizes with reductions ranging from 5:1 to 3600:1. Additionally, Omnibox is built with high-quality, durable materials, offers top-notch performance, and has minimal downtime. 

Falk Ultramite UB Right-Angle Drive 

Falk Ultramite UB is a helical bevel gear built to deliver optimal efficiency and convenience. It comes in 11 different sizes with ratios from 8:1 up to 10,000:1 and a maximum torque of 292,000-inch pounds. 

Falk Ultramite UW Right-Angle Drive 

Falk Ultramite UW is a helical worm gear with base, flange, and shaft mounting options. This gearbox model comes in 8 different sizes with ratios from 8.1:1 to 60,000:1. 

Falk Shaft Mount Gear Drives (Features & Uses) 

Falk shaft mount gearboxes can be both horizontally and vertically mounted. They can take on large thrust loads while maintaining minimum wear levels. Falk offers one main shaft mount gearbox. Let’s take a closer look: 

Falk Quadrive Gearbox 

The Falk Quadrive gearbox comes in 11 different sizes (5107 – 5608), with shaft bore diameter varying from 1 7/16 inch to 6 ½ inches. The gearboxes have three configuration options: 

  • Shaft mounted (JR) 
  • Flange mounted (JF) 
  • Screw conveyor (JSC) 

Choose A Reliable Service Provider for Your Falk Gearbox Repair 

Falk gearboxes are well-known for their durability and high load capacity. However, even the best gearbox makes and models require regular maintenance and some minor repairs from time to time. So, if you’re looking for reliable Falk gearbox repair experts, Houston Pump & Gear is here to help! 

Call our Houston-based Falk gearbox repair center to get expert help and advice on any Falk-related problem you might be experiencing. We also service Western gearboxes as well as Flender, Lufkin, and many other top gearbox brands.