Maintenance tips for industrial gearboxes

High-functioning and efficient industrial gearboxes are key to productivity and overall business profitability. But how can you keep your unit running optimally long-term? While periodic unit maintenance and repairs are to be expected, there are small but effective in-house ways to avoid costly repairs and risk forcing your production to a halt. Read on for the top five maintenance tips for industrial gearboxes. If you implement these tasks into your day-to-day operations, your equipment will run stronger for longer.  

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The Comprehensive Industrial Gearbox Maintenance Manual

As you review our comprehensive industrial gearbox maintenance checklist, it is important to note that it’s best to work with a certified engineer or technician before attempting to do any inspection, maintenance, or repairs on a gearbox unit. If someone who isn’t trained in that specific gearbox brand or type works on the equipment, they may cause further damage to your industrial equipment. This can quickly result in extensive, costly repairs. Before disassembling your gearbox, call to speak with an expert first.  

Without further ado, here are 5 key in-house maintenance tips for industrial gearboxes you can follow to keep your industrial units in top shape:  

  1. Keep equipment clean and dry: If you aren’t keeping your unit, accessories, and tools as clean and dry as possible, you could be risking an entirely avoidable equipment issue. Something as small as a speck of dirt, water, or other fragments can cause extensive damage to a gearbox. It is understandable that debris will be near your equipment in an industrial environment, but consider installing filters to avoid contamination that can lead to overheating and overall unit failure.  
  2. Regularly inspect gear teeth: If a gearbox is forced to do work that goes beyond its manufacturing specifications, gearbox teeth can easily break, which can cause the whole unit to fail. Checking the health of your gear teeth is a helpful way to determine the overall condition of your gearbox. If you find an issue with the teeth, be sure to schedule immediate maintenance to avoid further problems. 
  3. Listen to your equipment: Audio inspections are just as important as visual ones. Gearboxes typically run in loud environments, so pinpointing an abnormal sound emitted from your unit can be a challenge. Identifying these atypical noises can help you catch major issues, so it is important to run periodic vibration analysis to let your equipment communicate its state to you.  
  4. Ensure your unit is properly lubricated: This is one of the most common issues that our engineers come across when inspecting client gearboxes. If your gearbox is not properly lubricated, damage and erosion are imminent, which shortens the unit’s overall lifetime. Before adding any oil, though, be sure that you are adhering to recommendations provided by the unit’s manufacturer. These specifications will detail what type and grade of lubricant are best to extend the lifetime of your equipment.  
  5. Don’t wait until you NEED a repair: Nearly all industrial equipment will need some sort of maintenance or repair during its lifetime. While many companies put off repairs until it is almost too late, the key to avoiding astronomically expensive repairs is investing in routine equipment inspection and upkeep. When working with a gearbox repair provider, do discuss their inspection process so that you can avoid having to do a complete equipment overhaul or replacement.  

Industrial Gearbox Maintenance Pros That Are Just a Phone Call Away

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The Houston Pump and Gear work process is simple. We offer the quickest turnaround time, the most competitive prices, and the longest warranty in the business. If you need a technical inspection, maintenance, or repair of your industrial gearbox units or parts, our certified technicians are standing by to provide you with a free project estimate. Have brand-specific maintenance questions? We work with all major providers, including, but not limited to Foote Jones, Philadelphia Gear, Western Gear, and beyond.  

Invest in the longevity of your industrial gearboxes by scheduling a gearbox inspection today!