Industrial pumps come in many types and variations, which allows them to serve different functions across multiple industries worldwide. They’re a vital component in the operations of the gas, oil, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

But did you know the pump industry also serves more unconventional operations such as artificial snowmaking, firefighting, and chocolate making?

Let’s discover the basics of industrial pumps and more about the most peculiar pump uses.


Let’s go!

What are Pumps and How do They Work?

Industrial pumps help move fluids from low to high-pressure points. This happens by converting the fluid’s kinetic energy to hydraulic (pressure) energy.

To move the fluid, pumps use centrifugal force and the fluid’s velocity. Here’s how it works:

  • The fluid enters the pump through a suction nozzle.
  • The impeller rotates the fluid radially and tangentially.
  • The fluid exits the pump under much higher pressure.

Now, let’s get to the fun part and check some of the most peculiar pump uses.

5+ Peculiar Industrial Pump Applications

Here are a few uncommon pump applications:

Industrial Pump Uses in the Beverage Industry

Pumps are vital components in the beer brewing and winemaking processes. Here’s a brief overview of the two use-cases: Beer

Pumps help transfer and clarify beer during the brewing process. Some of the most common pump types used in beer brewing are:

  • Centrifugal: That’s the most common brewing pump due to its low cost.
  • Peristaltic: These pumps minimize the risk of contamination but come at a higher price.
  • Diaphragm: This pump type works best at lower temperatures. Wine

Most wineries use piston, centrifugal, peristaltic, diaphragm, or Moineau pumps to move wine safely. The main characteristics that wine pumps usually have are:

  • Minimize turbulence of the wine
  • Minimize oxygen exposure
  • Be able to process solid particles
  • Be easy to clean
  • Be self-priming

Industrial Pump Uses in the Food Industry

Industrial pumps also maintain the everyday operations in numerous food manufacturing plants. Centrifugal and piston pumps in the food industry are most widely used.

Here are two fun pump industry applications in the food sector:

Ice Cream

Pumps in the ice cream industry ensure that this cold dessert is produced fast and efficiently in bulk quantities while maintaining impeccable sanitary conditions. Ice cream is made with the help of centrifugal or lobe pumps. Centrifugal pumps help transport the milk, while lobe pumps help mix the cream and sweetener into a homogeneous substance.


Pumping chocolate is challenging due to the material’s nature and viscosity. However, there are pump types that can handle this task with no problem. These include:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Piston pumps
  • Lobe pumps
  • Gear pumps

Such pumps can process different types of chocolate and aid the confectionary and bean-to-bar making process.

Industrial Fire Pump

Fire pumps are used in a wide variety of water-based fire protection systems. Since their main function is to increase the water pressure in the system, they’re mostly used in buildings that need high-pressure water supply (usually multi-story facilities.)

The main industrial fire pump types for this purpose are:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps
  • Multistage pumps
  • End suction pumps

Industrial Soap Pump

Pumps are also used in the manufacturing process of different soaps and detergents. The main industrial soap pump types are rotary lobe and centrifugal pumps.

These pumps can handle gently more sensitive liquids and are ideal for various applications in the soap industry.

Industrial Trash Pump

Vacuum suction pumps are widely used in domestic and industrial trash compacting. They help pull all the air out between trash pieces, making them more compact. This helps save lots of space in landfills across the world.

Other Industrial Pump Applications

Industrial pumps are also used in:

  • Artificial snowmaking: High-pressure and submersible pumps aid the production and distribution of artificial snow.
  • Aquaparks: Clean and wastewater pump systems are used in adventure parks with pools and other water sports facilities.
  • Military: The military sector uses mainly centrifugal pumps since they can pump large volumes of fluids at high pressure. They’re used primarily in aircraft fuel systems, ground support equipment, and maritime hydraulic systems.

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