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Top Benefits from Industrial Gearboxes for Each Sector

Different businesses and manufacturers can benefit from industrial gearboxes in their operations. Many sectors leverage the industrial gearboxes benefits to improve their machines’ performance and increase torque. The uses vary by industry depending on the gearboxes type, such as helical, worm, bevel, or planetary. Nowadays, new and emerging applications are increasing the demand for such machinery, but are the advantages worth it? The answer can vary depending on the industry and sector, so read on to understand these benefits.  

Main Uses and Benefits from Industrial Gearboxes

Anyone running an industrial business knows the importance of industrial gearboxes as an essential part of day-to-day operations. Some of the primary sectors that utilize industrial gearboxes are industries such as cement, steel, paper, chemical, sugar, mining, and chemical. These manufacturers use the power of gearboxes to manage high loads, maintain smooth operations, reduce speed, multiply torque, match inertia, and allow smaller drives and motors. 

Industrial gearboxes are effective at helping manufacturers improve their operational input but can also have high maintenance costs when repairs are required. If you run into a situation where industrial gearbox overhaul is required, feel free to get in touch with us. We also have a program that enables you to exchange gearboxes in order to avoid downtime. Without further ado, here are some of the main benefits of industrial gearboxes by sector along with the types of gearboxes best for each. 

Steel Industry 

This sector requires sturdy and robust machinery comprised of a series of high-quality industrial gearboxes, to manufacture different types of steel. In this sector, the main benefits from industrial gearboxes are smoothing production and increasing the heavy machinery’s long-lasting functionality. This industry has an immense variety of gearboxes used, but the main ones are planetary and pinion.  

Cement Industry 

The production demands of the cement industry are highly unique, with one of the main concerns being the ability to maintain high torque and continuous operations. With this in mind, the industrial gearboxes used in the cement industry must be compact and focused on decreasing the speed. The industrial gearboxes that fit the needs of this sector are the parallel shaft and the bevel helical for functions such as engine augmentation.  

Paper Industry 

In the pulp and paper sector, the top requirements for an optimal operation include smooth machinery workflow, high efficiency, and continuous, uninterrupted production. The industrial gearboxes’ benefits for the pulp and paper industry make it essential for any manufacturing plant. The most used gearboxes are spur and shaft-mounted, made from materials such as steel, aluminum alloys, and cast iron. To keep production uninterrupted, gearboxes are also used for power transmission. 

Sugar Industry 

Sugar processing includes several complex procedures that demand different types of industrial gearboxes. This industry requires powerful yet energy-efficient gearboxes to produce goods with controlled power consumption. The different gearboxes should be well-organized to manage diverse torque capacities and ratios. Some of the most common gearboxes include planetary, helical, and bevel. 

Mining Industry 

The sector that requires the most heavy-duty and durable equipment is the mining industry. This type of equipment is used primarily for product processing and power generation. The main benefits from industrial gearboxes include boosting production and increasing load capacity, making it essential for mining operations of any size. The most used gearboxes are bevel, helical, spur, and planetary. 

Keep Your Operation Healthy 

Maintaining gearbox functionality is an investment in your business’s future, so these assets should be protected through appropriate maintenance. It is crucial to ensure that each gearbox is inspected regularly for lubrication and smooth functioning. Houston Pump and Gear proudly offers industrial gearbox repair in Houston and across the US, Canada, and Mexico, as well as industrial pump repair. We can assist companies across all industries with Falk gearbox repairs, Western Gear gearbox repairs, Flender gearbox repairs, and much more.