Choosing an industrial gearbox is a complex process, requiring you to consider a variety of factors. Some of the most crucial factors for most people are the equipment’s specifications, efficiency, and durability. 

In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of 4 leading gearbox manufacturers. Let’s get started!  

4 Best Industrial Gearbox Brands 

Looking for an industrial gearbox for sale? Here are some of the top manufacturers and the industrial gearboxes they offer. 


Falk is a reliable gearbox manufacturer offering durable equipment for over a century. The company was bought by Rexnord in 2005. Some of the main Falk gearbox types are: 

Right Angle Gear Drives 

The drive shaft and output shaft in this type of gearbox are arranged at a 90-degree angle. Such gearboxes are used widely in mixing and crushing operations. 

Some of the main Falk gearbox series are: 

  • A+ Gear Drives 
  • CT-Series Cooling Tower Gearbox 
  • Omnibox Gear Drives 

Parallel Shaft Gear Drives 

This gearbox type has its low and high-speed shafts in one horizontal plane, parallel to each other. These gearboxes are suitable for high torque and high-speed applications. 

The main Falk Parallel shaft gearbox models are: 

  • Y-Unit Gear Drives 
  • V-Class Gear Drives 

Concentric Inline Gear Drives 

Concentric gearboxes have a straight-line alignment of the shafts and are used in high-torque operations. 

Here are the main Falk concentric inline gearboxes: 

  • Planetgear Gear Reducer Drives 
  • UltraMax Gear Drives 
  • Ultramite Gear Drives 


Flender is a leading gearbox brand specializing in speed reducers, increasers, and turbo gear units.

Here are some of Flender’s main gearbox types: 

Single Screw Extruder Gear Units 

Single screw extruder units have a short delivery time, high precision, and high reliability. They’re mostly used in the plastic formation industry.  

Vertical Mill Gearboxes 

Vertical mill gearboxes are mainly used in raw material grinding and milling. Flender offers this gearbox type in 17 different sizes under the KMP series.  

Bevel-Helical Gear Unit 

Bevel-helical gearboxes have three-stage gears and can be used in different applications. Flender offers a wide portfolio of standard and custom-made bevel-helical gears. 

These include units of different sizes and designs like the: 

  • Bevel-helical gear unit B2 
  • Bevel-helical gear unit B3 
  • Bevel-helical gear unit B4 


Lufkin is a Cleveland-based company with over a century of experience in industrial gearbox manufacturing. Here are some of the gearbox types it offers:  

Epicyclic Gearboxes 

These are also called planetary gearboxes. They have one or more outer gears that revolve around the main sun gear. Their high precision and torque-to-volume ratio make them suitable for various applications in the petrol and renewable energy industries.  

Low-Speed Gearboxes 

Low-speed gearboxes are suitable for a wide range of applications in the heavy-duty industry. Lufkin’s low-speed gearboxes are made with high-quality materials, have a state-of-the-art design and great durability.  

Marine Gears 

Marine gears help control various boat engines. Lufkin’s marine gears offer low noise and vibration levels, light and compact design, and heavy-duty capabilities. 


Foote-Jones has produced reliable gearbox equipment since 1858. They offer industrial gearbox for sale in the following categories: 

Worm Gear 

This is a standard gear arrangement in which a worm-shaped gear meshes with a worm screw. Foote-Jones offers: 

  • Hy-Power™ worm gear reducer 
  • UNI-Power™2000 helical-worm gear drive 

Spiral Bevel Gear 

This type of gear has helical teeth and spiral bevel bearings. Foote-Jones UNI-Power™2000 is a spiral bevel drive that has 100,000-inch lbs. output torque. 

Shaft Mounted Gear 

Such gears are directly installed on the input shaft with a belt and help with torque adjustment. Foote-Jones offers: 

  • 8000 Series™ shaft mount reducer 
  • PowerTorque® shaft mount reducer 

Maintenance for Your Gearbox Equipment After Purchase 

As you can see, industrial gearbox prices vary by industry, specs, and type. So, before making a purchase, first, consider if you can repair your old gearbox instead. If you can get an old unit repaired, you can save thousands of dollars of your budget. 

For a reliable gearbox repair service, contact Houston Pump and Gear. Our experienced technicians will answer all your questions, provide a quote, and repair your industrial gearbox so it has a longer lifespan and optimum efficiency.