Gearbox Inspection

Industrial gearboxes are the hard-working backbones powering systems, including HVAC, wind turbines, conveyor belts, and much more. With gearboxes playing such an integral role in these systems, the importance of a regular inspection and maintenance plan for these gearboxes can never be understated. In this article, we’ll share the benefits of regular maintenance along with an industrial gearbox checklist for inspections.

The Benefits of Gearbox Maintenance and Inspections

The goal of gearbox maintenance is to prevent and correct mechanical issues from arising during day-to-day operations. Prevention is, after all, better than a cure. A similar process is followed for industrial pump repair, which often goes hand-in-hand with industrial gearbox repairs. By following a routine industrial gearbox inspection program, you’ll save yourself the headache from issues with: 

  • Worn or pitting gears 
  • Overheating 
  • Excessive vibrations 
  • Oil oxidation and contamination 
  •  Bearing failure   
  • Casing damage 
  • Leaking 
  • General damage 

Along with routine gearbox inspections, another essential factor to consider when performing gearbox maintenance is fluid replacement. When the gearbox fluid is replaced, it restores the holding power between the clutches and increases lubrication. This ultimately reduces slip and the production of heat. Over time, clutch material and metal shavings build up in the gearbox. By flushing the gears and replacing it with new fluid, the particles are removed.  

The result is clean and fully functioning gears that will last for many years to come.

Our Industrial Gearbox Checklist for Inspections

At Houston Pump and Gear, we have serviced, maintained, repaired, and overhauled thousands of industrial gearboxes during the 20 years we’ve been in business. Based in Texas, we’ve become the number one shop for gearbox repair in Houston and across the nation. With this experience, we’ve put together an inspection checklist for a gearbox that may need repairing.  

Step 1

Fully disassemble the gearbox and lay the parts out to ensure none are missing while also identifying any cracked or broken parts.

Step 2

Clean the gearbox and remove any signs of metal scraps while using a solvent specifically made for industrial gearboxes. This will make it easier to identify potential areas of concern.

Step 3

Draw up an inspection report of details of the gearbox and potential complications that could result in failure. This will be essential as industrial gearbox repair facilities can later outline the steps needed to restore the gearbox.

Step 4

A detailed inspection report will then be used by an industrial gearbox repair facility to estimate the total cost of repairs. The client is informed of the cost of repairs before proceeding.

Step 5

Proceed with the required repairs, once an initial gearbox repair quote has been agreed upon.

What About Missing or Broken Industrial Gearbox Parts?

While following the inspection checklist for a gearbox, you might discover a missing or severely broken part. This may increase the gearbox repair timeline and result in the need to exchange gearboxes, so no time is wasted in the production or operations of your business. By participating in our service exchange gearbox program your business remains operational while deadlines are met without skipping a beat. 

In more severe cases, gearbox engineering may be necessary. This requires a part to be custom made to suit your gearbox when it’s obsolete or out of production. Industrial gearboxes are meant to last for decades if maintained properly. This results in cases where a gearbox ultimately needs to be repaired with parts that can no longer be acquired. It’s important to have a backup plan or a supplier you can trust and have a good relationship with to ensure a smooth repair process.  

At Houston Pump and Gear, you can trust that your industrial gearbox is in good hands. Our experienced team are experts in the industry. From Western Gear and Flender gearbox repair to Falk gearbox repair services, we’ve worked with the best brands to support industries across the United States.